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07 november 2006

Gene Yang ger svar på tal

Gene Yang ger Tony Long svar på tal huruvida serier inte är böcker.

En liten bit:

I just wanted to get all that out there - I know it's not germaine to the issues Mr. Long raises. Here's how I understand his argument:

1. Sequential images (comics) and prose are different.
2. Prose is an inherently superior medium. (And more difficult to create than comics.)

And here's how I respond: #2 is just plain stupid. Different media have different strengths. There are some things that comics is better at, and some things that prose is better at. Try writing prose instructions on how to put together Ikea furniture and tell me how it goes.

#1 is much more intriguing. It seems like a true statement, and in many ways it is, but prose has its roots in sequential images.

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