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11 januari 2010

Årskrönika 2009: Fredrik Strömberg

The very best of Swedish comics 2009 The year 2009 was, for Swedish comics, a year of strong, female debuts. This has been a trend in Sweden all through the 21st century, but never before has there been as many new and interesting artists making their debut in one year. Another trend is that these new artists already have or definitely are on the way to an intentional career. It’s a whole new ballgame in Swedish comics, and the female artists are leading the way!

Here are six very interesting new Swedish artists, who all made their book debut during 2009.

Frances 1 By: Joanna Hellgren
Language: Swedish (French)
96 pages, b&w, softcover
Galago, 2009
ISBN: 9789170374814
This book was published in France before it was translated into Swedish, a sign as good as any of how international the Swedish comics artist are in the 21st century. A quiet, somber drama about relationships and growing up, with beautiful drawings rendered in pencil. Really looking forward to the next volume.

Evil Dress
By: Emilie Östergren
Language: Swedish (English)
112 pages, color, hardcover
Sanatorium, 2009
ISBN: 978-91-976912-5-3


A real eye-catcher, Emilie Östergren’s art looks like nothing you’ve ever seen in comics before. Surreal short stories which really makes a second reading a worthwhile effort. All texts are in Swedish and English, with both languages artistically integrated into the comics, also that quite unique.

Allt är allrajt
By: Emma Rendel
136 pages, b&w, soft cover
Langauge: Swedish
Publisher: Kartago, 2009
ISBN: 978-91-86003-258


Another young artist with a completely unique way of expressing herself, and yet another example of the international scope of this generation as Rendell’s comics were initially published in the UK. Strange and emotionally hard hitting stories about “awkwardists”, persons feeling awkward…

Sayonara September
By: Åsa Ekström
Language: Swedish
210 pages, b&w, softcover
Kartago, 2009
ISBN: 978-91-86003-340


Åsa Ekström is part of a generation that has grown up with Japanese comics and has taken it to heart. In this, her solo debut and the first in a three part series, she tells the story of a young girl who, not unlike her own experiences, enters as a student into a comic art school.

By: Lina Neidestam
Language: Swedish
152 pages, colour, softcover
Kartago, 2009
ISBN: 978-91-86003-425


Here’s a strip that is published in daily newspapers in Sweden getting its first collection. Neidestam’s unconventional, very personal treatments of feminist themes feel refreshing and are incredibly funny.

Eva Asbesthjärtan
By: Tinet Elmgren
Language: Swedish
176 pages, b&w, softcover
Epix, 2009
ISBN: 9789170890932

Another debutant, this time in the adventure/political genre, with a strong female lead character; a hooker who goes after bad clients with guns blazing. Elmgren lives and works in Berlin, has roots in Finland and has set her story in an anonymous east European country; another example of the international scope of Swedish comics of today.

These were just a few of all the interesting comic published in 2009, produced by female Swedish artists. All in all, these comics shows just what is happening in Swedish comics right now. Comic strips, manga, alternative comics, adventure comics, political comics – all areas in which a new female generation is asserting it self. And this is just the beginning.

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