Staffars Seriers Blog: Yao-mailet vecka 7

14 februari 2008

Yao-mailet vecka 7

Det var ett tag sedan jag la ut yaoi-mailet här i bloggen. Vi skickar ut en lista över de nyanlända yaoialbumen för de som älskar den typen av romantikserier. Vill du ha den är det bara att skicka ett mail till

Dessa Yaoialbum kom in vecka 7

Love Mode Bk 8 av Yuki Shimizu 129,50

"In this flashback edition, we find out more about the Aoe household--including the quiet Haruomi! His sordid past reveals what made him turn to the cruel Aoe Shougo for help, and what he had to sacrifice to become Kiichi's personal bodyguard. This favorite volume also includes the adorable short story of our Love Mode men as animals in Dog and Cat!"

Love Pistols Bk 4 av Tarako Kotobuki 129,50

"As Norio continues his training at Kunimasa's family estate, he meets more and more family members. But when he meets Kunimasa's mother, he encounters a whole new set of problems--as she begins an auction for becoming Kunimasa's fiance! Norio rushes to stop what could be the end to his relationship, but what does Kunimasa truly want?"


I shall never return Bk 2 av Kazuna Uchida 129,50

"The emotional rollercoaster ride continues as long concealed desires erupt between the two young lovers. However, with the appearance of classmate, Iwazaki, Ken’s dark past starts to unravel as well as his fragile new relationship with Ritsuro. Will Ritsuro be able to accept Ken’s dark past? What will he do when Ken decides to escape his past by leaving him behind in Japan and traveling to Singapore with his mother?"

Spring Feber av Yugi Yamada 129,50

"Yusuke Onishi easily gets crushes on everybody and anybody, but never succeeds in love. That is, until the day he meets and falls in love with his new neighbor - a mature single parent. Yusuke has finally met his match. But his match just happens to be a guy! This is a classic oyaji-uke of an unexpected love between two people, one younger, one older. Also included as a bonus is "Wildman Blues," the story of two childhood friends who become reunited and then become passionate lovers."


Camera Camera Camera Bk 2 av Kazura Matsumoto 129,50

"Akira loves Kaoru… He’s confessed his feelings for him and is full of hopes for their future. However, one day, when he’s helping out by cleaning Kaoru’s place, Akira finds a suspicious photo… Is Kaoru hiding something from him?"

Invisible Boy Bk 2 av Hotaru Odagiri 129,50

"Many allies and even more enemies… A scandal breaks out surrounding the tremendously popular, charismatic, and beautiful student council president! Under the scrutinizing and hostile eye of the journalism club’s Katakura, Yuushi’s plans have been recalled. On top of that, Yuushi’s become the target of the ever-capable and ever-cool vice president Takamura’s rabid fans’ jealousy!! How will he respond to their constant criticism?!"

Love Training av Tatsumi Kaiya 129,50

"Kouji’s mother has just remarried, and as a result, he has a brand new father and two unbelievably beautiful twin brothers. In order to get to know his new family better, Kouji transfers to the same private school that his newly acquired step-brothers attend. But when Kouji finally meets them, the two have completely opposite personalities! And it seems like one of them is intent on being more than brothers!?!"

Prince Charming Bk 2 av Akemi Takaido 129,50

"Asahina was a normal teacher until he met Yuasa. After a world-wind romance, Yuasa has moved in and the two are living like newlyweds. But there is trouble in paradise in the form of Yuasa’s old friend, Nagai. Nagai has liked Yuasa for years and has finally gotten the nerve to confess his feelings. Is this the end of Asahina and Yuasa?"

Vanilla Bk 2 av Riyu Yamakami 129,50

"Things seemed to be finally working out between Ichiru and Saeki, but their bliss didn’t last long.
Ichiru is worried because Saeki doesn’t seem to give the same importance to their love as he does; and after a big argument, it looks like the two will break up! Is there no safe exit to this labyrinth of love…?!"