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31 mars 2009

Kan någon hjälpa den här killen

Fick ett mail från en italienare som är intresserad av hur man graderar tidningar i Sverige. Eftersom vi inte sysslar med den typen av verksamhet så ställer jag frågan vidare till mina bloggläsare. Vet någon någon sajt som han kan titta på?

my name is luca dolcini.
I'm an italian comic collector, I'm collecting mostly marvel comics for more than 20 years.
I'm trying to do a little guide about the process of grading (that is considering the conditions and the state of preservation of a comic book) comics.
I got the grading guides used in USA (that are the top in this topic).
I wondered how the process of grading is usually done in different countries of europe.
I made a lot of research in my own country, italy, but I don't have any friend that collect comic books living in other countries.
so I made some web research and find some e-mail addresses of comics shop or similar in different european countries.

now I'm writing to them (and you are one of this list) in order to try to get some information from you about the process of grading that is usual in the fandom of the comic collectors of your country.

can you please tell me something?
can you please tell me a web site (in english) about this topic in your country, otherwise?

in any case, thank you very much!

Luca "Dolce" Dolcini

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